So why the Call out.

I recently went to an Esty event. I received raving reviews about the Adornments. However,  l noticed many women made almost similar comments, they are bold on the inside, however not bold enough to wear the piece. 

I realized l need a serious 'Call Out' to my fellow women 


l was a bold teen (there was always something bold about my dressing)  until events of life took their course l lost my unique oompf!..... To find out about the event that tried to squash my identity

For a number of years l felt  something was missing.

Well, fast forwarding. My final project at university as a designing mature student,  woke the real Laura. (l think she had gone on a very long sleep!) I embarked on the journey to making the Bold Adornments.


Fast forward  to  now...

I make One off and unique



All the adornments are handmade and one offs.

All the are made as a 'Call Out' 

Here is the good bit: Every time you buy a bold necklace a percentage of the profit goes towards MAOKWO. Not only that, every time you wear it you are encouraging a fellow woman somewhere around the world to be Bold. We call it the 'BOLD DOMINO EFFECT!!'

MAOKWO, is an organisation that is passionate about helping women deal with various challenges using creative art projects.

When you buy the bold adornment from us you are contributing to projects that help lives of women who have faced or are facing isolation, domestic abuse, migration and challenging life issues

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