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Creating The 2022 Queen's Baton

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

One Baton travelling across 72 nations of the world, held and admired by thousands. Meaning different things to different people. Bringing joy, excitement and intrigue. Showing that even though miles apart, we are all still connected.

My name is Hope Macho and I was part of the team responsible for designing the Queen’s Baton for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Inspiration, Thoughts And Ideas. What should The Baton Represent?

The life, joy and vibrancy in African countries, the passion and vitality of the Caribbean. Each country, nation, culture and individual has something special we

can learn from, be inspired by and implement into our own lives, to transform our mundane days into ones of passion, excitement and exuberance.

Sitting around a large oval table with a team of creative innovators, we had the honourable task of creating the 2022 Queen's Baton.

How should it look?

What's the story behind it?

What should its technology be?

My inspiration was for the Baton to represent the vitality and vibrancy

experienced in other Commonwealth countries, especially African ones, by its colour, materials and vividness. And for it to symbolise us learning from different countries and cultures.

As the Baton was to be passed from one Baton bearer to the next, from one country to the next, I wanted it to represent the passing on of wisdom, culture, inspiration and ideas from one nation to another, from one generation

to the following.

How do they celebrate marriages in Uganda? Could we merge that in our own ceremonies creating unique memorable moments? What's the traditional food in the Bahamas? Could I replicate that recipe to spice up my Friday night meals?

By exposure to these new cultures and ways of living, new passions and inspirations are ignited and we are encouraged to restructure our everyday lives, adding diversity and freshness.

The Baton contains a strip of LED lights that run through a lighting sequence depending on its state. Light is illumination, light is revelation, light is wisdom.

Light ignites.

When the Baton is passed from one Baton bearer to the next, the lights run through a colourful, compelling sequence to display what we called the ‘Kiss Moment’.

This symbolises the act of transmission and sharing between communities, countries and generations.

From Imagination To Creation

From the imaginations of a group of inspired individuals, to sticky

notes bursting with ideas, transformed

into detailed sketches, then captured in Computer Aided Design. Made alive by 3D printed plastic moulds, assembled as Copper, Brass and Aluminium, birthed into the Queen’s Baton.

Being an Electronic Engineering Graduate, it was a fascinating and privileged experience. I enjoyed collaborating with creative, like-minded professionals in an environment where I felt encouraged and productive.

As a young adult it boosted my confidence in working with and sharing my ideas with people who have been in their industry for years. I learnt a lot and it gave me

confidence in starting my first role as an Engineer.

The Experience

The Big Reveal - BBC and ITV news, radio presenters, the general public. The Baton, something we created was now on display for the world to see. People were amazed! They loved its slenderness, detail and uniqueness.

The Launch Event - Visiting Buckingham Palace for the launch of the Baton Relay was exhilarating! The Queen's Band played an attention grabbing performance, and a musical piece from Birmingham Symphony Orchestra set the ambience.

It was slightly emotional to witness the Baton at the launch. Watching the Queen place her message inside it and then into the hands of the first Baton bearer it

went. The feelings of proudness and delight were shared amongst the team.

We then had a drinks reception at Marlborough Mansion, celebrating our accomplishments and hearing the positive, affirming feedback from everyone.


From imaginations to a physical product. From the UK to across the globe. To know something you created is impacting thousands of lives in ways you aren't even aware of is heartwarming and rewarding.

Videos of other countries intrigued by and admiring the Baton blessed me.

One product with an immense effect, carrying a weighty meaning and purpose behind it. It was a wonderful experience and a true honour. Creating the Queen's Baton, igniting change.

Thank you to Karen Newman, founder of BOM, for inviting Laura Nyahuye/Maokwo to this project.

The Queens Baton was created in collaboration with BOM (Birmingham Open Media), Raymont Osman, Kajul and Maokwo.

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