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Writing the Journey


Through the Writing the journey Programme we aim to enable migrant women and young people to tell their stories authentically.

As the world gets smaller through migration different people come together occupying a common land, however each person brings with them their individual story and experience of life, woven as Culture and Heritage.

At MAOKWO, we endeavour to preserve these stories by giving them a voice and value. 


The writing the journey programme was born out of our #GIRLONFIRE project. Each year we run the WTJ programme every six months with different cohorts of 5-7 young adults and Women. The participants are taken through training & workshops on writing by industry practitioners. The journey helps them to pen down their authentic stories, which is then turned into a performance by the participant themselves.   


On the completion of the programme, the participants showcase their performances at popular venues, telling their stories to audiences.

Programme Gallery

Participate in this Programme


If you would like to join the programme as a participant, please send us a statement of interest through our contact form.

Partner with us


The participants of WTJ Programme showcase their works through performance and we’re always on the lookout for venues. If you would like to partner with us, please connect with us.

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