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Fusion Artist Network


Fusion Artist Network

Through this project we aim to provide a platform for artists, help them connect with potential partners and share opportunities that can take them to the next level.

The Fusion Artist Network came about as a lived experience of MOAKWO’s founder Laura Nyahuye. The question that often came up was; Why should Art or creative practice be accessible to a few? And so was born the Fusion Artist Network Project. A Networking group made up by Artists and for the Artists. To promote themselves, their work and find avenues and support through like-minded individuals.

Through an invite only Whatsapp group, participants are encouraged to share anything they come across that can help their projects or help other artists find new projects and work.

Project Gallery

Participate in this Programme

Are you an artist or someone based in Coventry, West Midlands, wanting to get involved in the creative industry. to join the project register your interest here.

Partner with us

Are you looking for new talent in various art forms and disciples? Do you have an event or a programme that can benefit artists especially from the marginalised and minority background. To know more, register your interest here.
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